003- Busy is a badge of honor

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003- Busy is a badge of honor

“I’m so busy!” How many times have you heard this when you ask “How are you?” Better yet, how many times have you said that yourself? It’s a quick response that needs no explanation because we all know what it is like. But why is that our go-to answer? Don’t we have anything better to say? Surely there is more to say about our lives.

In this podcast, Jordan and Brian debunk the myth that busyness validates your work and your worth. People tend to think that staying busy means you aren’t wasting your time. On top of that, being busy somehow means that your
work is more important or meaningful.

It’s important to acknowledge when you are overly busy, but if everyone claims to be busy, you’re words start to fall on deaf ears. Maybe instead of worrying about how busy we are, and how busy others are, we learn to see the value in our time and ourselves.