001- New Beginnings

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001- New Beginnings

The very first episode of an exciting new podcast about things and stuffs! It’s a quirky show where Brian and Jordan Schwabauer share their thoughts on the world… and laugh at their own jokes.

Meet Brian, the goofy husband that works as a freelancer specializing in video, animation, and design. He loves to have a good time and can always be found with a smile on. He enjoys long walks on the beach under the moonlight… (he also wrote this episode summary).

Meet Jordan, the fun, caring (…gorgeous, empathetic, loving, smart, …I could keep going, but I shouldn’t…) wife. She works as a Residence Director at Texas State University where she manages a building of college students. Jordan sometimes is the life section of the podcast to help balance Brian’s goofiness.

In this episode, Brian shares a life-changing (literally) story in which he meets someone very special. Jordan talks about some of the things she learned this previous week. And they both tell some amazing jokes that are sure to create instant laughter. Get ready to slap you knee because this one’s a chuckler!